Air Quality Alert Air Quality Alert - Chester County (Pennsylvania)
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Map showing how the NWS has divided Chester County into East and West sections for providing weather information.


Weather is by far one of the most common situations where emergency planning and preparedness are required.  Different regions of the country, and even our individual local municipalities can be impacted in totally different ways as a result of a weather event.

On this site, we cannot possibly cover every single weather situation. We have instead, tried to provide information or links to information sources that can be of value before, during, and after a weather event.

Severe Weather

When there is a risk of a severe weather event, check the National Weather Service (NWS) for your local forecast and to get the latest information. There are several quick links on the AGREM website to help you. Put AM 1670 into the memory of your car radio, and pre-set the dial on your emergency portable radio. It will be updated with specific local and other safety information as appropriate for the Avon Grove Area.

Turn Around, Don't Drown logoDO NOT drive through water on a flooded roadway, or drive around barricades or ignore signage indicating a roadway is closed. If you believe that a road is passable, but it is still marked as closed, it is possible that the roadway has not yet been inspected for structural or other issues.

Just because there's no water on it, does not always mean the road is safe. Be Safe, turn around, and find another route. The minor inconvenience to you, is better than the major problems you create if you must be rescued. Avoid putting your life, the lives of your passengers, as well as the lives of First Responders at risk by making a poor decision.

For more information, go here: Flooding Preparedness Information

Wireless Weather Alert Information


Situational awareness is a term that describes your knowledge about what is currently happening or expected to happen. The hyperlinks provided below are a means for increasing your situational awareness about a number of different types of events.

There is no substitute for your own eyes and ears, but you also cannot be everywhere at the same time. You should always utilize whatever information is readily available: radio and TV broadcasts, real-time information feeds from trusted sources, or other reference material. The idea is to improve your understanding about what is happening and where it is happening.


Being prepared for different weather situations is often just using good common sense. If you understand the types of hazards that may happen during specific weather (or even non-weather) events, you can prepare to protect yourself and your family and minimize the risk to life, health, and property.

(NWS) National Weather Service Radar Map - West Grove

(NWS) National Weather Service Radar Map - Chester County

Regional Radar Map (AccuWeather)

The Accuweather radar images are temporarily offline due to an issue outside of our control. Consider using one of the links above to get an alternate radar map for our area.

Northeast Region Severe Weather Alerts (WeatherChannel)

Link to Northeast Severe Weather Alerts Map