Summary of Joint Disaster Drill Exercise - June 2011

This was a challenging exercise that combined a variety of teams to deliver a successful outcome. The incident was developed by a team representing local Fire/EMS, Chester County DES, local municipal Emergency Coordinators, AGREM, and Jennersville Regional Hospital, and the Avon Grove School District.

The scenario began as a reported as fire alarm at the Avon Grove High School, with an upgrade to an explosion with multiple casulties. A variety of exercise objectives were evaluated -- everything from the response of the school personnel, to the activites around decontamination and patient care at JRH.

Representatives from AGREM and the local media were present taking photos and conducting interviews for publication in one or more of the local area newspapers. Links to the photos and printed articles are provided below.

The after-action review (AAR) was held in July, and a number of areas for improvement were discussed and documented for subsequent follow-up. As with every drill, there are a number of key learnings for all of the participants. These learnings, both positive and negative, are used for additional training and for adjusting future responses and actions.

The following organizations participated in the drill and contributed to the success of the overall event:

And last, but not least, all of the volunteers, observers, evaluators, and other personnel that participated in the organization, planning, execution, and evaluation of the exercise.