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AGREM AM Information Station Project

Link to AGREM-1670 Live Stream  Listen to AGREM-1670's currently running messages.

New Item FlagThe AGREM-1670 station was formally dedicated on November 14, 2015.  Click to see pictures of the event.  Lorrie Predmore, and others in the Predmore family were present to publish the first broadcasts for the station, putting it "on-the-air".  The AGREM Board and members appreciate the efforts of all those involved in this project -- those who worked with our municipalities and County partners, our vendor, and the countless others that supported AGREM throughout.  We are truly thankful to bring this long-term vision to reality.

Background on the Project

It was a long-time vision of our past President and friend, Mike Predmore, along with other early members of AGREM, to establish a locally-managed information station.

The goal was to provide travelers and others in the AGREM Community a local source of information before, during, and after any type of natural disaster or man-made event. A low-power broadcast station based on AM radio was chosen because almost every car has an AM radio and portable, battery-powered or hand-cranked, AM/FM emergency radios are available and relatively inexpensive.

Over a number of years, the plans were revised several times as equipment features and costs were identified and further refined. In late 2013, AGREM was actively working towards getting the station on the air during calendar 2014 or early 2015. Unfortunately, Mike passed away before seeing the station come to life.

In his memory, the AGREM team worked hard to bring Mike's idea to reality. We raised nearly 40k$ to fund the licensing, purchase, and installation of the equipment.  We continue working to secure funding for ongoing operations and for future expansion of the system with automatic alerting signage in every municipality we support.

If you would like to support this community project, please contact one of the AGREM officers, your local emergency manager, or send your donation to:

PO Box 82
West Grove, PA, 19390-0082

AGREM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitiable organization, and your donations are tax-deductible for both Federal and Pennsylvania Tax Returns.

AGREM-1670 Refrigerator Magnets

These are available at your local municipal offices, from your local emergency coordinator, or from any of the AGREM Board members.  These magnets provide a helpful and visible reminder to your and your family regarding where to tune your AM Radio for Community and Emergency Information.

Articles and News Coverage

Project Updates as of //:

Project Tasks Completed

  • AGREM-1760 was placed on the air on November 14th, 2015, after a dedication ceremony at the New London Township Building. This would not have been possible without the efforts of ALL of our AGREM municipalities, the Chester County Department of Emergency Services, several other donors and benefactors, and the efforts of the AGREM Board and membership.
  • A weather radio module was installed, which allows the AGREM-1670 broadcast to be immediately interrupted whenever a waetaher alert is issued byt eh national Weather Service for the AGREM area.

Project tasks - Remaining work

  • Installation of Solar Power equipment.
  • Additional fund-raising activities for ongoing operations and explansion of services.
  • Installation of TIS Radio Information Signs in the AGREM Municipalities.
  • Installation of Alert lights on Information Signs

Ongoing Activities

  • Public Information Campaigns.
  • Broadcast of Local Information and Emergency Information

We have worked closely with our equipment vendor, Information Station Specialists, throughout this process to acquire the correct system and features for the AGREM municipalities this Information Station will serve.

If you would like more information on the system, you can click here for basic information. You can also see how many communities across the United States have these types of systems in operation today, by clicking here. If you are a shore or beach traveller - take a look at the number of stations currently serving multiple communities throughout New Jersey.  You can also listen to the broadcast from North Wildwood, NJ to get an idea what AGREM-1670 might sound like.

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